RansomWare is nasty stuff: It’s a form of malicious software designed to thwart all access to a user’s computer. The catch is that to regain access to your computer, you need to pay enough money to satisfy the person who created the malicious software to remove it from your computer and allow you to use your device again.
It shouldn’t come as a surprise that many employees of Nerds On Site—an IT services franchise—are called out to businesses and residences to help managers and everyday people remove the threats that RansomWare, malicious software, and malware pose to their lives.
Currently, RansomWare is being used mostly against private individuals because, sadly, they may be easier to extort than companies.

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Ways That an IT Service Franchise Can Defeat Malicious Software

An IT services franchise thrives on challenges. As a Nerds On Site troubleshooter, you can help people and businesses fight the ongoing threat of malicious software without losing either their sanity or their money.
Removing uncertainty from their operations—like the threat of malicious software and possible associated downtime and data security breaches—is an indispensable part of businesses’ sustainability and continued growth in today’s IT services franchise world.

Ensure That IT Services Franchise Clients Are Backed Up

RansomWare essentially works this way: An individual sits down with a cup of coffee in the morning ready to enjoy the latest news on Facebook or the Huffington Post. However, instead of seeing familiar news feeds, the user finds a gigantic red image on the screen, informing the user that he or she will have to pay a few hundred dollars immediately to an untraceable address.
The digital criminal’s goal is to make quick money through a scam that developed out of traditional malware. The computer user’s goal is to ensure that his or her files aren’t erased when (or if) he or she fails to pay.
That’s a scary prospect. The easiest solution is ensuring that all Nerds On Site clients back up their data daily or weekly on a secure external hard drive.
Better yet, joining an IT services franchise can ensure a high level of data security without compromising anyone’s sensitive personal information or constraining their options.

Help Install Antivirus Software for Clients

The first line of defense against malicious software should be robust antivirus software installed and regularly updated on the client’s computer.
The latest versions of antivirus software can spot many of the most popular forms of malware, but new kinds of RansomWare are developed every day, so staying one step ahead can be difficult.
In light of this fact, backing up a client’s data on an external hard drive and/or switching over to a managed network, especially for a business client, is the best solution for combating this new type of malicious software.
Managed networks and cloud computing are elegant solutions that businesses in need of more data security and constant updates should consider.
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