A Nerds On Site franchisee can look forward to developing and running a franchise business with operations in seven countries around the globe. Today, Nerds On Site franchise operators are serving over 65,000 clients. These are people just like you, who were looking to build their career in a way that fulfilled their personal dreams and goals.  Do you have the essential qualities of a Nerds On Site franchise area developer? Find out here!


franchise area developer

You are business-minded.


If you consider yourself a businessperson first and foremost, we’re looking for you! A Nerds On Site franchise area developer should be in the mindset of running a business. As the business leader, you’ll be managing your technology in a way that best serves the community in which you’re doing business. A smart, savvy, business-minded individual would be a great Nerds On Site franchise area developer!


You don’t have a background in IT.


That’s fine! Actually, we’ve found that it can be better if the Nerds On Site franchise area developer doesn’t already have a lot of IT experience. Since our ideal Nerds On Site franchise area developer needs to be concerned with the upper-level aspects of running the business, it can be beneficial if you aren’t caught up in the day-to-day technical aspects of the services.


You prefer interacting with people than computers.


Perfect! Our Nerds On Site franchise area developer should be very comfortable networking with people instead of computer workstations. To build a large fleet of operations within our franchise territory, you’ll need to interact and build relationships with technology partners in the industry. This will include lots of socializing, conversing, attending meetings—all the aspects of networking.


You enjoy managing people and projects.


If this describes you, then you have another essential quality of a Nerds On Site franchise area developer. As a franchisee of Nerds On Site, you’ll be developing a business that serves over 250 million residential technology users in addition to over 20 million small business technology users. If you’re looking for a challenging and highly rewarding opportunity to demonstrate your business acumen, then being a Nerds On Site franchise area developer might be a good fit for you!


Are you ready to take the next step toward your business goals? Why not contact us today to find out more about becoming a Nerds On Site franchise area developer? We’re here to answer your questions, and we look forward to hearing from you!


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