The Global Demand for Outsourced IT Support

From mom and pop corner stores to multinational corporations, technology is becoming an integral component of doing business. Bookkeeping, marketing, inventory, and many other components of running a successful business require technological solutions. General hardware and specialized software, while capable of increasing efficiency and productivity, requires maintenance … which is where IT franchise support comes into play—an industry that, according to statistics from the U.S. government, has been growing over the last two decades.

Reasons Your Computer Franchise Needs a Team of Systems Support Technicians

Computers, social media, and customer relationship management (CRM) software has revolutionized the ways consumers shop around and businesses such as a computer franchise operate in the twenty-first century.
Furthermore, cloud solutions have improved customer data security and businesses’ ability to access their own networks from anywhere in the world. Both cloud computing and managed services have helped businesses streamline their data

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