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As an IT support franchise, Nerds On Site meets a basic requirement of nearly every business in every industry—technical assistance in keeping the computer software and hardware (upon which daily operations depend) up and running at optimal levels of efficiency. With the IT industry now nearly $4 trillion strong worldwide, over $1 trillion market in the U.S. alone, it is clear that owning an IT services franchise means being part of a burgeoning and permanently important sector of the global, "Information Age" economy. Additionally, the high cost of training and re-training on-staff IT workers means that outsourcing all/most/some of IT services to a third party like Nerds On Site is gaining in popularity, especially among SMEs with limited IT budgets.

Nerds On Site is a widely recognized name in the IT support industry, and a high contender when many business leaders face an IT challenge. But what makes them stand out in the crowded field of technology franchise opportunities? In large part, it is our proven commitment to quickly respond to clients' calls for help, our vast and deep knowledge base that enables us to solve the toughest IT problems, and our friendly customer service and devotion to better communication with business owners - turning NerdSpeak into NormalSpeak!

When you franchise with Nerds On Site, you walk into a sterling reputation and a large, loyal customer base. You also walk into an extensive franchise support network that assists you in recruiting, training, and managing your team of Nerds in your local market area.

Information Technology is a multi-trillion dollar industry and growing.

Small to medium sized enterprises (SMEs) are looking for cost-saving alternatives to in-house IT staff.

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IT is a Multi-Trillion Industry Infographic

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Our Nerd Family

About Nerds on Site

Our goal is to help business-minded individuals grow their own team of IT savvy Nerds to help businesses. You could be part of our family!

We at Nerds On Site are an IT company franchise built on the franchise model, which means we are a group of business-minded individuals with a strong entrepreneurial spirit who are all engaged in the project of building tech-savvy teams of Nerds to help SMEs close the technology gap.


Founded in 1995, we have built a solid reputation that promotes customer confidence and stops the high turnover rates the IT industry is known for. Nerds On Site has operations on 5 continents and enjoys a 96.5% customer satisfaction rate (with over 80,000 surveyed to date).


We provide our franchisees with web-based billing, purchasing, and "inter-Nerd" communication systems. We also provide a 24-hour Client call center, ongoing learning through our University of Nerdology, access to our IT franchise support networks, and of course, a brand that turns heads thanks in part to branded NerdMobiles.

Demand/Growing Industry

We know the industry, and We know what it takes to succeed.

The IT industry in general is outpacing the general economy by large strides, and one of the strongest growing parts of the industry is our specialty—outsourcing to SMEs, which accounts for the vast majority of economic growth year after year. Nerds On Site is striving to become a dominant player in an industry where surprisingly few (if any) top-of-mind brands exist.


Nerds On Site is an IT and software company franchise that helps SMEs stay up-to-date on the latest technology innovations without constantly re-training a large, in-house IT staff. We offer a vast range of services, deep knowledge of complex technology solutions, and 24/7, on-site support.


As the industry continues to expand, Nerds On Site is revealed more and more to rank among the very best technology franchise opportunities available.


Build your own team of Nerds

Be an area development franchisee with Nerds On Site, and build your team of Nerds!

What makes Nerds On Site one of the best IT franchises to work with? The answer to that question is many fold. First, we could focus on the Nerds On Site brand recognition, which brings with it a large, "already-sold" customer base. Or, we could look at the superior services and knowledge base that our computer franchise has used to build its reputation.


To a prospective franchisee, or "area developer", we should mention that we provide marketing support, bulk-ordering discounts, help with assembling and training your team of Nerds, and peer support through our Nerd Network.


In short, we provide you with all the tools you need to succeed and let you grow and expand as much as you want to.

Available Territories

Nerds On Site began in 1995 in Canada, has expanded to 5 continents, and is now in the process of expanding across all 50 U.S. states. We are actively spreading brand awareness in specific states via our rollout program, and we welcome conversations with you on any location you may be interested in.

As an information technology franchise that focuses on SMEs, we target areas where these small and medium enterprises abound to ensure a large potential Client base. We have expert site selection staff who can work with you to find a territory that is both friendly to technology franchises and works best for you. We help our franchisees find the right location and get their business up and running as quickly as possible.

Request More Information

To learn more about managing a Nerds On Site IT services franchise as part of our team, do not hesitate to contact us today!

You can call us at 1-877-742-7905, fill out the online form, email us at [email protected], or send "snail mail" to Nerds On Site at 121 Vista Parkway in West Palm Beach, FL 33401.


We are always on the lookout for new business partners, and we stand ready to answer any questions you may have, whether about the application process, financing, available territories, our business model, or anything else.

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IT demand will grow 22% through 2020, according to U.S.

Be part of this growing industry and join our family of small to medium sized enterprises (SME's) space IT providers.

That is faster than the average rate at which other industries are currently growing, with software developers, database administrators, computer systems and security analysts, and IT managers all projected to be in ever-increasing demand. This means that IT support franchises like Nerds On Site are in a good position to continue to see strong growth for years to come.

This is especially true because small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) are leaning more heavily on outside support to lower operating costs and better compete with the big corporations. The Nerds On Site IT franchise opportunity allows you to grow a business in a strong and growing niche market.

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